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Our Projects

Residential Projects

At Rockwood Terrace Consultants we create outdoor spaces for you to live in as well as view. Our specialty is creating sustainable outdoor spaces and gardens that incorporate the existing landscape and native plantings to enhance the style of your home and way you use the outside space. We work on private homes and larger housing developments, for private and non-profit clients.

Commercial Projects

Creating a welcoming environment for your commercial property through site and planting design helps give your business positive first impression, reflecting your approach and branding. By using sustainable practices with the style of your property we create memorable and inviting spaces. We design landscapes for restaurants, hotels, non-profits, retail and parking areas. 12-month maintenance manuals can be provided to ensure year-round success for your maintenance crew to follow.

Sustainable Design

From a short game practice area on a golf course to a large scale, mixed use development, sustainable design is a main consideration. That short game practice area can be (and was!) 98% native plant materials that provide a four-season habitat for wildlife. A residential, commercial and retail development can take full advantage of public transit opportunities, energy-saving construction methods, and low maintenance planting areas as inter-related design components.

Parks and Recreational Space

We design parks, for both active and passive uses. Other types of open space projects have included neighborhood and school playgrounds, small pocket parks, wetland areas, memorial parks, short game practice area for golf courses.

Community Participation

For many projects, especially those that have an impact on the neighborhood and/or community at large, getting information to and from the community early on is key. Andrea Kelley has been a proponent and coordinator for citizen participation for over 30 years. Hearing from all sides early on, and creating a solution that best addresses conflicting needs and perspectives, is the goal. From one-on-one meetings, coffee conversations in a living room to larger group, and, when appropriate, public meetings, there is a multipronged approach to involving the greater community in creating a successful project.

Beach and Seaside Projects

Having worked on residential and commercial projects from Cape Cod to Maine, Rockwood Terrace Consultants has a solid understanding of New England’s seaside conditions and uses appropriate plant materials to withstand the climate, and reflect the sensibility of these areas.

Historic Preservation Landscapes

Having recent experience on a variety of projects that had major historic landscape preservation components, this is an area we are happy to continue to work on. Projects have included an historic MBTA station with original landscape design by Olmsted, to a residential treatment program in an historic district abutting Olmsted greenway design, to a high end private residential property with an historic preservation mindset.